We do not offer General Psychiatry Services, commonly known as Talk Therapy, or Medication Management.

QEEG + Psychometrics

Proven Technologies for Superior Patient Assessment

The collection of QEEG and neuropsychological information is an important step in our personalized care process.

Our Approach

Before attending any treatment sessions for Neurofeedback, your therapist must determine specific biomarkers of brain activity through this QEEG assessment. This information helps to ensure the treatment protocols selected for each patient will be the most effective possible and follows scientifically proven evidence-based treatment guidelines.

A QEEG session is usually booked as a 2.5-3 hour appointment, after the initial consultation with your therapist has been completed and the decision to move forward with treatment has been made.

qeeg and psychometrics

What happens during a QEEG assessment session?

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