TMS Therapy

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We offer a unique opportunity for College and University Counselors interested in learning more about TMS Therapy and how it can be life-changing for young adults struggling with depression, anxious depression, or OCD.

Explore How TMS Therapy Can Benefit Your Students

During your complimentary TMS Therapy Demo, you will meet with Dr. W. Scott West, Chief Medical Officer at Nashville Neurocare Therapy. He will demonstrate how the TMS technology works while addressing any of your questions and concerns.

Nationally recognized, board-certified psychiatrist, Dr. West, blazed the trail for TMS therapy in Tennessee as the first physician to offer this advanced technology in 2010 and offers 30+ years of clinical experience. Nashville Neurocare is Tennessee’s most experienced provider of TMS Therapy, and the organization maintains some of the industry’s best patient results.

Book your complimentary TMS Therapy Demo