Lindsay Swiskow

Lindsay Swiskow, Nashville Neurocare Therapy

TMS Technician

Lindsay Swiskow joined the Nashville Neurocare Therapy team in 2023 as a TMS Technician. Lindsay brings both expertise and heartfelt empathy to her dedicated commitment to enhancing the lives of her patients.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Teaching from Belmont University, Lindsay’s academic path transformed significantly during a meaningful study abroad in London. This experience sparked a lifelong passion for exploration and travel. Lindsay’s adventurous spirit led her to wholeheartedly embrace the dynamic atmosphere of Chicago, spending several years there after completing her education.

Beyond the professional realm, Lindsay finds joy and balance in various pursuits. Yoga, both a physical practice and a meditative escape is an integral aspect of her well-being. Music, a constant companion in her life, provides a melodic backdrop to her experiences. Lindsay treasures moments spent with friends and family, recognizing the importance of nurturing connections outside the workplace.

With a compassionate heart, Lindsay views her work as a source of great fulfillment driven by the belief that making a positive impact on others’ lives is the most enriching journey one can embark upon.

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