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Welcome to Nashville Neurocare Therapy

We are focused on achieving positive, sustainable change for our patients.

Nashville Neurocare Therapy is part of neurocare Centers of America, an international network of centers of excellence dedicated to helping patients suffering from neuropsychiatric illnesses that have not been helped by traditional medication management.

We specialize in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy for depression treatment. This advanced technology is safe, highly effective, non-invasive and 100% drug-free.

We are Tennessee’s most experienced provider TMS Therapy, and we maintain some of the industry’s best patient results.

Nationally recognized, board-certified psychiatrist, Dr. W. Scott West, blazed the trail for TMS therapy in Tennessee as the first physician to offer this advanced technology in 2010. With 30+ years experience in clinical depression, Dr. West leads the Nashville NeuroCare team.

Our team is comprised of registered nurses, certified TMS Therapy technicians, as well as psychiatrists. All staff is expertly trained to provide our innovative therapies to our patients.

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Our Mission

Provide alternative medication-free treatment paths for people with depression using an innovative technology that deliver lasting change for a healthier brain and a better quality of life.

Our Vision

Promote new standards of care in behavioral health that promotes proven technologies over medications for sustainable, long-lasting positive patient outcomes.

“My philosophy of treatment involves seeing each patient as a whole person—mind, body and spirit, and as an individual with unique life experience and circumstances.” - Dr. West

More Experience Means Better Care

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TMS Treatments Administered
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At Nashville Neurocare Therapy, you are the most important member of our team.

Meet Our Team

Scott West, MD

Chief Medical Officer
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Benjamin Frock, MD

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Ali Wittenberg, DNP, APRN, PMHNP

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
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Julie Whitaker, LMSW

TMS Therapy Technician & Staff Psychotherapist
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Lindsay Swiskow

TMS Technician
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Alyssa Tepfenhart

TMS Treater
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Madison H. West

Chief Operations Officer
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Taylor Deats

Director of Clinic Operations
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Colleen McCann

Interventional Market Coordinator
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Desireé Karotko

Assistant Office Manager
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Katherine West Misagal

Billing Manager
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Monica West

Senior TMS Office Coordinator Emeritus
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