Telehealth Appointments

Discover the convenience of Telehealth through a virtual, online HIPAA-compliant appointment today.

What is Telehealth?

A telehealth appointment takes place over our virtual video conferencing platform. It allows you to connect with behavioral healthcare providers from anywhere with an internet connection.

Telehealth is more than just convenient – for some people, it’s the most effective way to manage their mental health regularly. Telehealth appointments are easy to fit into the schedule you and your provider have available.

Most major insurances offer partial or full coverage for telehealth appointments.

Covered By Major Insurance Partners

Aetna Inc.
Anthem BCBS
Carelon Behavioral Health
Bluecross of Tennessee
Optum/United Healthcare

How do Telehealth Appointments work?

Nashville Neurocare offers a wide range of services through our telehealth appointments.

After you book a telehealth appointment and before your scheduled appointment time, you will receive an email containing a secure video conferencing link and password. You will use this link and password to access a secure video conferencing session with your provider.

Telehealth appointments are entirely confidential, secure, and effective. Our technology keeps your personal information secure; before, during, and after your telehealth appointment.