Taylor Deats

Taylor Deats, Nashville Neurocare Therapy

Director of Clinic Operations

Taylor Deats joined the Nashville Neurocare Therapy team in August 2023 as Director of Clinic Operations, bringing over 15 years of mental health experience. Throughout her career, Taylor has witnessed the remarkable growth of TMS Therapy and its positive impact on individuals, especially with the notable changes in insurance coverage. Her commitment lies in expanding access to TMS Therapy for those in need, making a significant difference in mental health care.

Taylor’s role extends beyond her wealth of experience with TMS Therapy. She actively contributes to the intake process for patients, ensuring a smooth and supportive experience. Her proficiency in handling patients’ insurance verifications and prior authorizations reflects her dedication to removing barriers and facilitating access to essential mental health treatments.

Taylor holds a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Sociology from Slippery Rock University (SRU). During her time at SRU, she engaged in impactful research exploring the influence of socioeconomic statuses on healthcare access and perinatal care, showcasing her commitment to understanding broader societal impacts on mental health.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Taylor strongly emphasizes her mental well-being. She enjoys cooking, reading, and leisurely walks with her dog, Costello. These personal pursuits underscore her holistic approach to mental health, reflecting a balance between professional expertise and self-care.

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