Press Release: neuroCare Centers of America Growth Continues, Strategic Partnership Adds Second Nashville-area Clinic

Nashville NeuroCare Therapy and ThriveLogic Partner to Expand Clinical Expertise, Technologies and Treatment Protocols to Better Serve Mental Health Communities

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Aug. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Nashville NeuroCare Therapy, the flagship neuroCare Centers of America clinic in Tennessee, announced a strategic partnership with ThriveLogic TMS + NeuroHealth (ThriveLogic) to better serve the needs of those suffering from depression, anxiety, ADHD, and insomnia without the use of medications. The deal leverages business synergies from both clinic locations, Green Hills and Franklin, to maximize patient care access, expand clinical expertise and resources while combining leading technologies and treatment protocols to improve patient outcomes.

neuroCare Centers of America is part of an international network of clinics focused on delivering personalized care to positively impact brain function. This network offers access to industry-leading research and world-class training, providing unique resources in the neuromodulation clinical service arena.

In a collaborative effort, Nashville NeuroCare Therapy and ThriveLogic strive to improve the awareness of and access to medication-free clinical services specializing in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy and QEEG-informed Neurofeedback for the underserved mental health patient populations in Davidson and Williamsoncounties. This new partnership now represents the largest provider of TMS Therapy clinical services in Tennessee, according to a recent survey of providers by an industry expert, as well as sets the stage for future expansion into other key markets in the Nashville metropolitan area.

Nationally recognized and board-certified psychiatrist, Dr. W. Scott West will serve as medical director at both clinic locations, which are staffed by registered nurses, certified TMS Therapy technicians, as well as QEEG, neurofeedback and sleep-hygiene specialists. All staff is expertly trained to deliver neuroCare’s innovative therapies to patients looking for solutions to mental health conditions.

“Since we began offering TMS and seeing the benefit, we have been considering how more people can access this treatment. Working with Stanford Miller, Managing Director with neuroCare Centers of America, was a logical choice for expanding our services as he is a leader in this space for whom I have tremendous respect,” said Dr. W. Scott West, Medical Director at ThriveLogic. “The clinical, research and educational support neuroCare offers allows us to work with patients more effectively. Utilizing neuromodulation treatments enable us to provide non-medication options, and this partnership will expand our reach in the region.”

Together, the clinics provide neuroCare’s personalized care model of scientific-based therapies. TMS Therapy targets neuro-networks that cause depression in a way no other treatment method can. The clinics’ advanced Neurofeedback methods are focused on building new networks for individuals struggling with ADHD and sleep disorders such as insomnia. neuroCare’s patient care centers on the treatment of the root cause of the disorder, not just to try and manage symptoms, which is often the standard of care at many clinics.

Dr. W. Scott West and Stanford Miller
Dr. W. Scott West and Stanford Miller

neuroCare focuses on advancing the clinical applications of neuromodulation techniques through the use of innovative technology and treatment protocols that genuinely provide personalized care,” said Stanford Miller. “We are very excited and honored to partner with Dr. West—Tennessee’s true pioneer and clinical leader in neuromodulation—to improve the lives of those suffering in our Nashville communities.”

neuroCare now counts four U.S.-based clinics, two in Tennessee and two in New York, adding to the organization’s global network of 14 locations including clinics in Australia, Germany and the Netherlands.

Nashville NeuroCare Therapy and ThriveLogic TMS + NeuroHealth are accepting patients who are suffering from depression, anxiety, ADHD or insomnia.

About Nashville NeuroCare Therapy

Nashville NeuroCare Therapy provides state-of-the-art depression and ADHD care for patients not helped by, intolerant of or contraindicated for psychotropic medications through the use of advanced medication-free neuromodulation techniques. Neuromodulation utilizes advanced technology to leverage the brain’s natural ability to build new or improve the function of existing networks that control mood and behavior. We employ personalized care through a thorough initial assessment followed by the use of a scientifically proven neuromodulation treatment protocols selected for each patient. These protocols are implemented to help patients get truly well, not just to gain a reduction in their symptoms. For more information, visit nashvilleneurocare.com or call (615) 465-4875.

About neuroCare Centers of America

neuroCare Centers of America is part of an international network of centers of excellence dedicated to helping patients suffering from neuropsychiatric illnesses that have not been helped by traditional medication management. The network includes locations in Australia, Germany and the Netherlands. For more information, visit neurocarecentersofamerica.com.

About ThriveLogic TMS + NeuroHealth

Founded in 2010, ThriveLogic specializes in providing Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy to treat clinical depression. TMS is an FDA-cleared, drug-free, surgery-free treatment that is redefining the depression care model. Led by nationally recognized, board-certified psychiatrist, W. Scott West, M.D., ThriveLogic was the first provider to introduce this transformative technology in Tennessee, utilizing NeuroStar® TMS Therapy. The ThriveLogic team has treated 550+ patients across the U.S., administered 16,000+ TMS treatments, and maintains some of the highest percentages of positive patient responses and remission rates in the industry. ThriveLogic—committed to helping patients achieve fuller, happier lives. For more information, visit ThriveLogic.com.

Source: PR Newswire, neuroCare Group, August 27, 2019.