Press Release: neuroCare Group Welcomes Kyowa

Press Release: neuroCare Group Welcomes Kyowa

neuroCare and Kyowa sign an equity participation paving the way for a strategic joint venture in Japan

neuroCare Group GmbH (“neuroCare”) personalizes mental health therapy following a detailed assessment and achieves world best clinical outcomes employing its scientifically proven protocols. neuroCare’s assessment analyses sleep/circadian rhythm as much as psycho-diagnostic, genetic and other biomarkers empowering clinicians and addressing the root causes of mental illness by rewiring the patient’s brain for the long term. neuroCare is vertically integrated, operating its own Clinics as well as providing its technologies, know-how and education to third-party clinics via its Solutions division.

Founded in 1954, Kyowa Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd. (“Kyowa”) develops, manufactures and sells branded and generic pharmaceutical products for patients in the Japanese market with a strong presence in the Central Nervous System (CNS) therapeutic area. Kyowa has two manufacturing facilities and a Research Centre in Japan. After recently being acquired by Unison Capital, one of Japan’s leading Private Equity Funds, Kyowa is now realizing its unique growth strategy of Kyowa beyond drugs, including Artificial Intelligence based services to help clinical diagnoses.

Together, Kyowa and neuroCare will offer patients and clinicians in Japan a unique and world’s first proposition: symptom management with medications will be complemented by the personalized, long term sustainability of neuromodulation enhanced by psychotherapy. This achieves superior long term outcomes compared to what is currently achieved with medication or Psychotherapy alone.

Since the individual assessment by neuroCare enables physicians to stratify medication, more patients will be able to start with a better informed choice of a medication. This approach and the Joint venture between neuroCare and Kyowa in Japan represents an example of the ‘new’ standing on the shoulders of the ‘old’ to provide something better.

Ray Tsunoda, Kyowa’s President and CEO, said of the company´s investment in neuroCare, “We are pleased to have invested in neuroCare and are considerably looking forward to implementing our Joint venture in Japan. Kyowa’s nationwide sales and distribution covers approximately 1600 hospitals and together with neuroCare we will now also target more than 4000 estimated private mental health practices in Japan. We will become the first and the leading Japanese provider of high-quality mental health and performance solutions integrating medication and neuroplasticity based therapy. One of our key long term goals is to address the serious issue of treatment resistant mental illness.”

Tom Mechtersheimer, neuroCare´s founder and Executive Chair, says “neuroCare is driving the future of managing mental health and performance. We could not be happier than to work with Kyowa, a reputable and experienced partner. Japan represents a long term scaling perspective, it is the world’s second largest healthcare market with a very high incidence of mental illness. With good foresight, the government in Japan has approved the reimbursement for TMS in depression, paving the way for neuroplasticity based therapies and with good foresight Kyowa’s leadership and its owner, Unison Capital, are positioning their company for long-term growth beyond drugs through our joint venture.”

About the neuroCare Group

The neuroCare Group (nCG) is a fast-growing, vertically integrated company providing a holistic and personalised approach for improving mental health and performance. By integrating neuromodulation technology with best processes and working in synergy with the clinicians, neuroCare achieves best-in-class clinical outcome for patients.
nCG employs 130 people serving around 1500 patients per annum across 16 clinics currently in Australia, the Netherlands and the USA. nCG’s backbone in technology solutions is based in Germany.

About Kyowa Pharmaceutical

Kyowa Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd. (“Kyowa”) based in Osaka, Japan is the domestic leader in Central Nervous System (CNS) therapeutic area. After recently being acquired by Unison Capital, one of Japan’s leading Private Equity Funds, Kyowa is now realizing its unique growth strategy of Kyowa beyond drugs. Founded in 1954, Kyowa is proud of its long history being a CNS focused full-fledged generic and branded pharmaceutical company.

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