The Importance of Proactively Building a Network of Connections and Resources for Mental Health and Well-being

Mental Health Podcast

Host: Schatzie Brunner, Founder, New Way Now

Guest: W. Scott West, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Nashville Neurocare Therapy

The podcast explores the significance of proactively building a network of connections and resources for mental health and well-being. The episodes, hosted by Schatzie Brunner, the founder of New Way Now, and featuring Dr. Scott West, a distinguished psychiatrist, delve into personal experiences, including Schatzie’s journey overcoming depression. The discussion highlights the need for professional mental health help, common barriers faced, and the importance of exchanging mental health resources. Recommended organizations and platforms are shared, along with statistics on the pandemic’s impact on mental health. The podcast concludes with a powerful call to action, encouraging individuals and organizations to prioritize mental health proactively.